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Drawing as a record of time

As an exercise, all #studies of Patrick for this session are layered on top of each other on a single sheet. They are drawn in compressed charcoal, chalk and sepia on A1 paper prepped with a green acrylic wash. Poses ranged between 5 and 45 […]

4 figure exercise

Three attempts at an online life drawing exercise – each drawing using the same model with about 15 minutes in each of the 4 poses on the page.

Alan: 3 x ink / bamboo sketches

3 sketches of Alan created with indian ink using  a metre of bamboo with a paintbrush attached to each end. The first two were 15-min monochrome sketches . The third image was a 1 hour pose – the first marks were gently done in Wolf’s carbon, then […]

4 sketches of Maria

I started with a quick sketch in Wolf’s carbon looking at contour rather than shadow: Then moved on to using three coloured pencils taped together for the next 10 minute pose: Went back to Wolf’s carbon for the next 10 minute sketch but this time was looking at the […]

Francis session ♯2

Series of quick sketches of Francis created mainly by using a reed or scratchy pen dipped in indian in – not an easy medium to control.

Alan: session #2

Colour sketches were each made in about 10 mins using water soluble felt-tip pens. The b/w drawing was made using Wolf’s carbon pencil and chalk on tinted paper and took about an hour to sketch.

Francis sketch ♯1

90 minute sketch of Francis. Interesting to find that after a 15-year break I default back to my college drawing style. Hopefully my mark-making will develop from here and mature under Mick’s expert tuition.