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Drawing theatre

Mostly oil pastel sketches from the brilliant London Drawing Lone Taxidermist #DrawingTheatre performance in surround sound at Aures on Saturday

Cultures of drawing

Really enjoyed studying a few weeks ago at the ‪V&A Museum‬ as part of a London Drawing Group course. We looked at various collections and then spent the last day in a studio creating oil pastel prints from some of the sketches.

Drawings of Goya nightmares

My drawings from the recent brilliant ‘Goya Master of Two Worlds’ drawing event organised by London Drawing @LondonDrawing @JohnCloseArts @TheCryptGallery

Framed squares and circles series

A series of intensely brightly coloured, simple square, grid-based compositions I created in the 1990s. Although framed and presented as paintings, this series was created using steam-fixed dyes and resist on silk. I was playing around with building up subtle layers of very transparent colour.

Scribble texture colour series

This series of images were an experiment in colour. The first picture is the original, created by physically building up layers of paint and crayon to create a multicoloured, rich texture. This image was then scanned and digitally manipulated in Photoshop to create the other […]

Saturn Moon Samara

Illustration of my niece taking the reflection of the moon out of the River Thames. Medium: Digital collage printed and mounted on a lightbox. Private collection.

Multimedia kaleidoscope

These are a few stills from a multimedia kaleidoscope I made in Flash/Director in 1999/2000 as part of studying for a Masters degree. It had a number of layers with visibility control, each one displaying animations from a library. I think I still have the .exe file […]

Angelfest ’99 stills

Images created for the Angelfest projection collaborative performance and installation commissioned by the London borough of Barnet, 1999.